Global Pandemic

Flowers bring hope during loss, add color during festivities and provide healing when one is ill. Rose of Sharon Florist is committed to serving our wonderful Central Coast during all seasons and during this Global Pandemic our devotion has not changed.

Here is what we are doing to keep our clients and employees safe:

Inside the Store

  • We monitor CDC and WHO for best practices.
  • Social distancing is in practice.
  • Social distancing reminders are in place.
  • Employees and Vendors wear mask for your protection.
  • No-Contact Payments are available.
  • We continue to maintain a clean facility.
  • High-Touch Areas are regularly disinfected and disenfected after use, using environmentally friendly disinfectants.
  • Incoming deliveries of product & mail is placed in isolation prior to unpacking and then safe unpacking and disinfection practices are observed.

When Making Deliveries

We are continuing to make beautiful flower and plant deliveries to all areas of the coast. We make no-contact deliveries in the following manner.

  • Containers are sanitized with FloraLife® D.C.D. which meet EPA criteria for SARS-CoV-2.
  • Delivery Driver wears a mask.
  • Gift is placed on doorstep. (or designated area)
  • We take a photo of gift at point of delivery.
  • We Knock or Ring Bell and leave.
  • If we encounter a person, social distancing rules are strictly followed.

Curbside Pickup

  • Customer places order for “Curbside Pickup”.
  • You may pay by telephone or COD.
  • No-Contact Payment Available at pickup
  • Upon arrival, park in designated space and call or text us.
  • Containers are sanitized with FloraLife® D.C.D. which meet EPA criteria for SARS-CoV-2.
  • We will bring your gift to your car, again following social distancing and sanitization protocols.

Hospital, Care Facilities and Funeral Homes

Hospital and Care Facility Delivery

  • We can deliver Marian Regional Medical Center and most convalecent and care facilities, following delivery point protocols for receipt of outside deliveries.

Funeral Delivery

  • We can deliver to family and private visitations.
  • We deliver to services.