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Order Related Policies


At www.roseofsharonflorist.com we recognize and respect the importance of filling your order as requested. Years of experience has also taught us that "generally speaking" most customers are more concerned that their order be filled and that their friend or loved one's floral order be delivered (on the requested date) even if your first choice is not available.

If you do not want us to allow substitutions on your order please check the appropriate box on the final checkout form. If however, you desire that we do our best to fill your order even if we need to change it from your original request then please check substitutions OK.

Our policy on substitutions is as follows:

  • We always try to fill the order as requested.
  • We try to fill the order as close as possible to the original request if the original item is not available.
  • We attempt to inform the sender prior to substitution if possible.
  • We always fill the order to the same or greater value.
  • If we approve something of a greater value without your consent it has been done at our expense.
  • The filling florist must receive orders no later than 12 Noon for same day delivery. (Recipients time zone)

Order Acceptance

Upon placing an order in our shopping cart you will receive and automated response from our shopping cart service. This response is simply that, an automated response showing intitial processing of your order. We reserve the right to reject any order without cause via email, telephone or postal mail.

Timed Deliveries

Delivery Times are not Guaranteed or Implied unless it is noted on Your Receipt as a Paid Service.


If you place an order on our website you agree to notify us within 48 hours if there is a problem with the product. Flowers are a perishable product and we cannot entertain complaints without the possibility to remedy any problems which arise.

Delivery and Fulfillment Fees

The delivery and/or fulfillment fees stated on our websites may be more or less than the actual charge to arrange delivery to you or your recipient.

Cancellation and Change Fees

Once you place your order on our site we will work quickly to carry out your orders. In some cases we have incurred cost and reserve the right to pass those cost on to you in the event that you need to change or cancel your order. Some of the events in which we might have incurred cost and might determine to retain a portion of the original fees:

  • We have Special Ordered Product for Your Order (Up to 50% of Original Order Amount)
  • We have sent the order (per your instructions) to another florist and have incurred fees in transfer.
  • You Have Used a Credit or Debit Card for Payment (Up to 5% of Original Order Amount)
  • Your Order Has Been Made (Up to 50% of Original Order Amount)
  • If Order has Been Refused (50% of Original Order Amount plus Delivery Charge)
  • No Cancellation Possible if Order has Left the Building.


By using this website and placing an order through this site you agree that Rose of Sharon Florist will not be held responsible for any loss sustained by you for any failure to supply products or services. Rose of Sharon Florist will not be responsible for losses due to equiptment failure, internet failure, email delays, server failure, acts of god, acts of mother nature or other delays in providing services. Additionally, Rose of Sharon Florist will not be responsible for losses due to equiptment failure, internet failure, email delays, server failure, acts of god, acts of mother nature or other failures or acts which prohibit our fulfillment of any service or provision of product.


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