Charitable Donation Procedure

Charitable Donation Procedure. Thanks for visiting today, we are pleased you are here. Rose of Sharon Florist located in Santa Maria CA.

Donation Criteria Overview

While we really do love to donate, budget constrains us to limit our donations. We have adopted the following policy.

  1. We donate to groups with an existing relationship with Rose of Sharon Florist before organizations which are not clients.
  2. We donate to groups based upon an existing relationship with an individual before request from individuals which are not clients.
  3. We consider donations for the greater community before donations which are for closed groups. ie. A Donation Request for the Boys and Girls Club is weighted more heavily than a request for a small private school.
  4. Eligible donations are given on a first come, first served basis and we will process multiple request for a single event from several individuals up to our quota for that week.
  5. In processing a request we do not consider the advertising value in determining our gift.

Donation Procedure

We love to give and wish that we could give to all organizations who desire a donation from Rose of Sharon Florist. The reality is that with well over a thousand non-profit organizations, churches and schools in our service area, of which many also have dedicated groups within the organization which seek to raise funds and obtain donations, we cannot give to everyone who seeks a donation though the work of the organization is good and the donation is justifiable. Because of the large number of requests we receive we have enacted a procedure for determining our donation response on a case by case basis, we ask that you assist us in helping you with your request for a donation to the charity which means so much to you.

  • Please Fill Out Your Application completely - we will not process partial or blank applications
  • Please Enter Your Customer Number on your application
  • Please DO NOT simply fill out our General Contact Form with a donation request - it will be discarded
Rose of Sharon Florist is pleased to donate to charitable service organizations, private schools and churches on the Central Coast and we are pleased to provide this information in assisting you in obtaining the best donation for your charitable organization. Fill out the Online Donation Request Application.
Fill in all information requested. We cannot process blank applications.